Never Trust Someone Who Claims to Know the Lottery Results

People who participate in lotteries are always looking for ways and methods to increase their chances of winning the lottery when buying tickets. They buy multiple tickets, participate as syndicates, and do a lot of other stuff to boost their winning chances. Some people, on the other hand, are looking for ways to make money off of the people who participate in lotteries. They would try to convince them that they can help punters predict the lottery numbers in the next draw. These claims are always false because there is no way for you to hack the lottery. Let’s get into the details of why you should not be trusting someone who claims to know the lottery results.

Why You Should Not Trust Lottery Result Predictions

Hacking the Lottery Is Not Possible

The first thing you have to know is that lottery predictions are not possible. If you have not already noticed, lottery draws take place in the same traditional ways. There are drums in which you have a lot of balls flying around. A mechanic arm would then pick one of the balls. These balls are moving around randomly. There is no particular program moving them in a particular order. They are either flying around because of air or maybe because the drum is spinning. On the other hand, hackers can only hack digital systems i.e. systems that are based on computers.

When a machine generates numbers randomly, it still uses a particular pattern of multiplications, divisions, additions, subtractions, logs, etc. Hackers can use brute force and software applications to predict these patterns. On the other hand, when the balls are moving around in a drum, they are not following a set pattern. Not to mention, you have to pick your numbers on the ticket well before the draw takes place. It is not as though you can look at the balls moving inside the drum and then choose your numbers. If that were the case, you could say that there was a chance of hacking the lottery.

Never Trust Someone Who Claims to Know the Lottery Results

No One Would Tell You If They Knew Results

You can understand this point with some basic logical reasoning. If someone knew the results of the lottery, why would not they pick the numbers for themselves? You have to know that lottery numbers are not always picked randomly by the players. Yes, you have the quick pick option wherein you can let the computer choose your numbers. However, you also have the option to pick your numbers on your own. So, if there is a person who claims he/she knows the numbers that will appear in the results, they can just buy the ticket themselves.

Since these people understand the nature of what they are doing, they might have the answers to your reasoning. What if they tell you that they want to help people by telling them the number? They will be making the case worse for themselves by saying anything like that. The jackpot amount is already decided before the draw takes place. If they know the numbers for sure, they can just pick those numbers, win the lottery, and then distribute the money among needy people. There is no reason to tell them the results to help them when you can help them by winning yourself.

Another thing you have to remember is that some lotteries only announce one jackpot winner. So, if there can be only one jackpot winner, how can a person who knows the results tell several people to pick the same numbers?

Well Known Companies Run Lotteries

You also have to know who runs the lotteries in your country. In most cases, it is either the government, the state or a well-known company that runs the lottery. The government makes a lot of money from the lotteries and it does not hide that fact from the players who are participating in the lottery. When you search for the lottery information on the internet, you can see how much money is distributed in the form of prizes and how much of it goes into various development projects in the country. In some countries, the government makes profit by taxing the lottery.

Even if there is a private company running the lottery, the rules stay the same. In some countries, it is sometimes a bank that operates the lotteries. In Australia, there is one company that owns the most famous lotteries of the country. So, these companies cannot put their image and reputation at stake by hacking the lottery. It is important to know at this point that hacking the lottery is only possible for someone who runs the lottery. If the companies that run lotteries hack them, the government can seal not only their lottery operations but any other brands that they own in and outside the country.

They Have Not been Hacked

If you still see a possibility that lotteries can be hacked, you should look at the past data. Lotteries have been around for several decades. Some old lotteries have been around for centuries. If you pick the data for past several decades, you will not find an instance where someone was able to hack the lottery. Yes, those who run the lottery have tried to hack them and scam other people to rob them of their money, but people who participate in the lottery cannot do that. Since no one has been able to predict the lottery results with magic, wizardry or any other knowledge, there is no reason to believe why someone will today.

Bottom Line

You should know at this point that the only way to participate in a lottery is to use the quick pick or to pick your numbers yourself. When it comes to predictions, you can use the past data only to increase your chances of winning. You can do that by buying more tickets too. But you have to remember that you are only increasing the chances of winning. You can never claim that your research has permitted you to predict the results of the lottery, or anyone else thereof.