Ladies and Poker

Possibly this sensation would not be so negative if it played out uniformly between the two sexes, however all one sees is the portrayal of partially disrobed ladies advertising for poker websites. One only needs to log into the internet and search for “Females and Poker” to have a loads ladies in swimsuits promptly stand out up on the screen. They promote it with a small silhouette of a woman, rarely exposing anything whatsoever. Why they selected to attempt and associate a 20% with topless women is a mystery, yet they certainly went for it.

The Exploitation of the Women Kind

Europeans are no exemption when it comes to using appealing photos of the women type to help them sell their products. In a current article published on, the writer covers the upcoming Terrific British Poker Scenic tour, and the focal point photo of this post is a nude woman relaxing in a tub packed with poker chips. It’s a good thing that they uploaded this photo, because nothing says Great British Poker Scenic tour better than a woman bathing naked in poker chips.


One of the darkest outcome found during the search originated from the best-poker-rake back. net on their rake back advertisement, which showcases a frightening picture of zombie female in a bodice, fishnet stockings, heels, and a brief skirt using a rake to gather some have fun cards that need to have fallen off a tree. Although the suggestion of having someone literally taking poker online indonesia cards is cute, we’re not exactly sure about the demand for a sexy unread woman.

Ladies and Poker

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Simply to provide a little preference of their representations of these ladies, we will go over the initial three ladies they talk about. Each lady has a photo with a caption below it. At number ten on their listing is Courtney Friel, a television hostess for the world poker trip. The picture they have of her is in a lacy container top: fair sufficient. She’s certainly ALRIGHT with the image considering she modeled for it. Beneath the picture is a subtitle that claims “Stop teasing us Courtney, tear those shoelaces off!”